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Richelieu Rock

Whale sharkSea chartManta rayclown anemonefish in purple anemonenudibranch at Richelieu Rock
Richelieu Rock is a small submerged rock. As part of the Surin National Marine Park it’s located about 18 kilometers east of the islands themselves.
Richelieu Rock is world famous for of being one of the best places in Thailand to see Big Pelagic's like Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. This huge pinnacle climbing dramatically from the depths of the Andaman Sea is covered soft corals and attracts huge fish like barracudas and groupers ,there is also an incredible array of small fish.
Richelieu Rock
All about the dive at Richelieu Rock 
In the southeast, a mooring line brings you safely to maximum depth or the more experienced divers can descend in the direct vicinity of the pinnacle. You can shallow up to the left of right depending on the current to explore the southern inside or the northern outside of the horseshoe formation.  It's all here - the big and the small, a great variety of marine life, a paradise for underwater photographers. 
Taking advantage of the overwhelming abundance of soft corals, anemones, barrel sponges and sea fans, all forms of marine life swarm the place. This includes ghost pipefish, sea horses, giant cuttlefish and plenty of anemonefich species, particularly tomato clownfish. Different types of morays eels such as giant moray, zebra moray and white-eyed moray are common here.  Don’t forget your torch to explore the smaller recesses in the walls to discover frogfish, harlequin shrimps and the rare pineapple fish. Giant groupers resting on the sand floor are also a common sight here. Huge schools of trevallies, snappers, chevron barracudas and rainbow runners cruise the currents in mid-water.  
In addition to the possibility of swimming with whale sharks you can also look forward to manta rays. Here, the demanding diver can find everything he has ever seen in marine life guide books. Currents can be strong at times, thus proper dive planning by your dive guide is necessary.
Richelieu Rock is a large whole dive site and therefore not possible to cover in one dive. Most divers, include Richelieu Rock in a Surin Island or Similan Islands liveaboard cruise, while others prefer to visit by speedboat to dive twice here and get back. Whatever option you choose, Richelieu Rock almost always lives up to its reputation.  It is a must see for any serious scuba diver.    

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