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Waterfall Bay

Honeymoon bayBoxershrimpparrot fish hiding in crevicehoneycomb moray eel with cleaner shrimpa pair of bandedboxer shrimp
On the North West side of Koh Similan (Island 8) just south of Turtle Rock, Waterfall Bay is named after the waterfall which runs from the top of the island. When flowing, it allows boats to refill with fresh water. 
This reef site is considered an easy dive with its gentle slopes reaching a maximum depth of 20 meters. Hard and soft corals blend amongst some small rocky formations. There are also some nice sandy areas for beginner divers. The further north you head the rock turn into boulders which makes it a more diverse dive.  Waterfall Bay
All about the dive at Waterfall Bay - Similan Islands
Waterfall Bay is easily dived by all levels with a visibility often between 15 -20 meters at daytime.
Mild current and an average dive depth of 14 meters make this reef also a good night dive site with a large population of boxer shrimps, coral crabs and big lobsters. 
Did you know that lobsters live up to 70 years old?  Lobsters must moult in order to grow, they literally through off their skeleton, leaving them pale and soft-bodied. Within one or two hours, the new skeleton hardens and darkens following a tanning process similar to that of the tanning of leather. It is during this short phase that the animal expands. It is said that lobsters may not slow down, weaken, or lose fertility with age, and that older lobsters may be more fertile than younger lobsters. Their longevity is actually limited by their size. It requires metabolic energy to moult and the larger the lobster the more energy needed; 10 to 15% of lobsters die of exhaustion during moulting. This known, surely shines a new perspective when you spot a big one!
Sleeping parrotfish in their mucous cocoons are common spotted. 

Turtles are frequent visitors here along with common reef fish hiding away in crevices. Sharks and the rare shovel nose ray have been located around the rocky out crop so keep your eyes open.


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